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Privacy policy

1. Purpose and Basic Way of Thinking Basic Concept

We (Training Camps in Saga) establish the basic principle to make sure to handle personal information confidential.

(2)Basic Concept
We define specific information concerning individuals as personal information stated in our privacy policy. 
Information such as

  • names, place of residence, and identification number
  • phone number or e-mail address saved with the full name in a cellphone’s contact
  • valid photograph of yourself taken
  • principles or opinions about life
  • driver’s license or passport

finally, any other valid information you have and think we should know like e-mail address or cellphone number.

Any other information given should be with the approval with the individual.

All information rendered is confidential and safe, whereby any usage approval will be attained from the individual. However, individuals is advised to take appropriate action when dealing with mass media. However, in case of a trouble regarding unsolicited commercial emails, we handle them carefully as the personal information.

We guarantee to keep individual privacy safe by committing to protect personal information as well as to adhere to the law and prefectural regulations referring to this policy and “Action Program of Handling Personal Information” by Saga Prefecture.

2. Principle of Responsibility

We maintain to clarify any responsibility to uphold the personal information and we prepare to respond immediately to any inquiry.

3. Principle of Disclosure of Policy and Continuous Improvement

We maintain to keep our integrity conclusive.

4. Principle of Collecting Control

All information collected is privy to Training Camps in Saga.

5. Principle of Accessibility

All information collected with your approval could be used for our information only.

6. Principle of Security Control Measures

We uphold to maintain the security to protect your personal information from loss, leakage or falsification.
All security checks have been cleared to all those involved.

7. Principle of Allotment of Tasks

We entrust an appropriate subcontracting company with roles in efficiently handling and managing tasks. The subcontractors have been selected through thorough proven abilities(records).

8. Principle of Disclosing Information to the Owners

We ensure that you are able to know the administrative place of your information and how to check the contents.

9. Principle of Custody and Disposition

Once information and its purpose has been achieved, all disposition will be professionally done.

This translation, privacy policy supersedes the Japanese version.